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IMA India is a niche economic, business and market research firm providing insights and analysis to top management audiences in India through multiple channels. IMA India is the Indian Associate of AXP, a network of independent business information and consulting firms operating across the Asia Pacific region, headquartered in Australia.


Through four retainer-based executive briefing services (The India CEO Forum; The India CFO Forum, The India CIO Forum, The India Chief Human Resources Officers’ Forum and The India Chief Marketing Officers' Forum), IMA India provides incisive and pragmatic country intelligence and management insight to several hundred member companies. A unique model – comprising of closed-door peer group briefing sessions, research updates and analyses, and on-call access to IMA India’s research databases – ensures that the Forums deliver independent and effective insights to business leaders and top managers.

At a deeper level, IMA’s research and advisory practice carries out in-depth market studies and strategy assessments for individual companies on a proprietary basis. With business consulting experience across several sectors and contexts, our research and advisory practice deploys an intelligent blend of desk research and insight-gathering from domain specialists and practitioners across the spectrum. Over the years, IMA India has undertaken proprietary consulting and research assignments for some of the world’s most prominent companies, that are almost without exception, leading players in their respective segments.

Compelling and relevant agendas, authoritative speakers and panellists, highly interactive discussions, closed-door environments and importantly, senior and exclusive audiences, are the hallmarks of IMA India conferences. The 3-day Annual CEO Roundtable and the 3-day Annual CFO Roundtable are perhaps the finest conferences of their kind in India. Participation at these and other IMA India conferences is by invitation only and restricted to top management.

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