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IMA India's organisational structure is based on a matrix culture, implying minimal hierarchical and functional barriers across the firm. Every individual has a set of 'primary responsibilities', but he/she also acts as a 'resource' to other individuals and project teams – regardless of position and stature. This ensures optimal resource utilisation, builds teamwork, and provides all-round exposure to employees. These, we believe are critical qualities for an entrepreneurial and intellectually-driven service organisation.


While specific skills and aptitude are necessary for specific tasks the general attributes we value in employees are:

  • Exceptionally strong written and oral communication skills
  • High levels of self confidence
  • Strong analytical skills (particularly for research-oriented roles) and general awareness
  • An entrepreneurial mind set and a willingness to take a hands-on approach

IMA India does not base recruitment decisions solely on past experience or educational background. Depending on the job role, certain professional and educational qualifications are 'preferred'; however, they are not insisted upon if the individual possesses other (equally or more important) qualities.

While we do not advertise vacancies, we are continuously evaluating potential candidates and applicants. If you would like to explore job opportunities in our organisation, send us an email with your résumé and your areas of interest. We would be delighted to hear from you and will respond to you immediately.

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