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IMA India's conferences and business meetings present attractive platforms for sponsor organisations to gain exposure and profile within a serious and senior audience. The structure and format of our conferences allow for a high degree of interactivity, profile building and targeted visibility.

Thought leadership

By leading discussions or presenting* at one of the Roundtable sessions, sponsors receive an unparalleled opportunity to position themselves as thought leaders in their business domains. Sponsors may also contribute proprietary content and/or research material and/or case studies for inclusion in the conference briefing paper, as a means to build and reinforce their intellectual capability. Equally, sponsors can leverage IMA’s custom publishing and though leading research services to develop cutting edge content specifically for launch at the conference, or elsewhere.

Networking opportunities

Senior sponsor company representatives can be present at the venue to gain opportunities to establish direct relationships with delegates during the course of discussion breaks, meals, evening cocktails and dinners (wherever applicable), etc. The environment at IMA India conferences facilitates networking, off-the-record business discussions and the development of professional relationships.

Branding and visibility

Sponsoring organisations receive prominent visibility on conference documentation, mailers, brochures, etc, as also at the conference venue (backdrops, props, etc). In addition, sponsors are prominently profiled on the micro-site created for each individual conference on IMA’s website. For certain sponsorship categories, sponsors may set up additional visibility tools (demo stations, self-operated kiosks, props, etc) subject to IMA India's approval.

Collateral and merchandise

Conferences offer useful opportunities for targeted distribution of marketing collateral and corporate merchandise. IMA India supports sponsor efforts in this area by ensuring distribution to delegates – through placement of collateral/merchandise in delegate rooms (if applicable), conference venue, seating area, etc, as deemed appropriate and feasible.

* Speaking opportunities are generally available to Principal Sponsors only. Sponsor presentations/opening remarks will be guided by the agenda and theme of the session/conference as determined by IMA India. While IMA India will seek sponsor inputs in this regard, its decision will be final and binding. IMA India expressly disallows sponsors from making sales-oriented, product-oriented or company-oriented presentations at its Roundtables, and reserves the right to review sponsor presentations in advance.

For further queries, please write to:

Vidhi A Gopaal
E-mail: vidhi@ima-india.com

Vandana Sinha
E-mail: vandana@ima-india.com

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