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Over the course of the last decade, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in corporations has evolved significantly in response to a fundamental shift in power from producers of products and services to consumers. Vested with the responsibility of ensuring market orientation and customer value within their corporations, CMOs are therefore pivotal to organisational success today. While traditional responsibilities such as the management and nurturing of brands, the sustenance of effective distribution channels, product pricing, marketing communication and public relations continue to remain crucial, other aspects such as customer value management, as well guiding the corporation's overall strategy have got incorporated into an already complex set of CMO responsibilities. Indian CMOs face additional challenges owing to the varied income patterns, diverse social setup, changing languages and evolving demographics of the consuming class in India.

This complex maze of responsibilities requires a modern day CMO to be multi faceted, multi talented, and nimble footed. While some decisions require him to apply a highly analytical thinking (pricing and market research), others require him to be highly creative (advertising and promotions), some decisions (promotions, advertising) require a purely tactical outlook while others (brand building, planning) require a strategic vision. These variations place immense stress on a CMOs faculties and require him to be extremely well informed, and in a position to take a nuanced stance on the future evolution of the market place. In recognition of this pivotal role that the Chief Marketing Officer plays in a corporation, IMA India is proud to announce the launch of the India Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Forum.

The India CMO Forum has been visualised as a group of peers working to further the stature, credibility, and understanding of the strategic marketing function via the medium of briefing sessions, roundtables, and written content which offer thought leadership and opportunities for networking. CMO Forum members will be drawn from India's senior-most marketing professionals to form a trusted, close-knit community of peers who use their access and expertise for mutual benefit, support, professional advancement, and above all draw on the collective wisdom of the group. Membership will be by invitation only and is exclusive to top-ranking corporate marketing decision makers only.

The India CMO Forum will strive to provide its members with high quality insights into emerging trends that will enable them to undertake strategic decisions aimed at transforming businesses to better serve client needs. Challenging established beliefs through open discussions often throws up untapped niches that can have immense commercial potential. We hope that in the years to come, the India CMO Forum evolves into a problem solving platform for CMOs to come together, and discuss issues that vex them, share best practices, and jointly arrive at the solutions to form a common voice of the community for the industry at large.

To know more about the India Chief Marketing officers Forum, please contact us at suchita@ima-india.com

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