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IMA India's principal country intelligence programme, The India CEO Forum, is a membership-based executive briefing and research service designed to help CEOs interpret, understand and anticipate developments in India's market and operating environment. For most of our member CEOs, the Forum is not just a source of ongoing information and insight, but a 'first port of call' to seek answers or independent opinions on a wide range of common business queries, concerns and ideas.

Regular briefing sessions hosted in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, are built around current business issues and receive authoritative individuals and specialists as speakers. All sessions are closed-door and interactive so discussions are intense, frank and ultimately, practical.

In addition, member CEOs gain access to IMA India’s extensive and ongoing research on the business environment. This includes our independent analysis and opinions on the Indian and Regional economy, strategic and political affairs, key industry and market developments, emerging management paradigms, and other subjects of relevance to business leaders. Beyond these reports, member CEOs have access to our Knowledge Centre as well as ‘on call’ access to our research staff and databases to obtain quick answers to specific data needs. They may also call upon a senior IMA executive, once a year, to provide a personalised country briefing to company executives or head office visitors.

Over the years, the CEO Forum has come to represent a tightly-knit community of business leaders across industry sectors and locations. To ensure the ongoing seniority and relevance of the peer group, membership is by invitation only. To know more, browse through the tabs above, or write to us.

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