IMA’s Custom Research Service

IMA’s Research and Advisory practice undertakes proprietary consulting and research assignments for individual corporations – across sectors and project types – to help drive corporate strategy and open up a vista of new approaches and market opportunities. Combining conceptual clarity with in-depth and original research, IMA India offers innovative market propositions and operating insights to businesses. A brief and indicative sample of projects from our archives can be viewed by sector or by project type

  • Federalism: India’s Power Unleashed

    Monday January 1, 2018

    The IMA’s study of India’s state economies
  • The India Employment Report

    Wednesday March 1, 2017

    The what, where and when of employment trends in India
  • The India Consumption Report

    Saturday April 2, 2016

    The India Consumption Report (ICR) a most exhaustive assessment of two of India’s widest and deepest data sources – the latest Census of India, and the National Statistical Survey Organisation’s (NSSO) tw
  • Automotive Market Outlook: FY14

    Thursday March 21, 2013

    An assessment based on industry views and macro data analysis
  • Scenario Planning for Indian Agriculture

    Thursday March 10, 2011

    IMA India’s report on Agriculture Scenarios seeks to provide an understanding of the long-term future of Indian agriculture, with the objective of enabling agri-businesses to refine long-term business strateg