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IMA’s research and advisory portfolio is built on the firm's wide-ranging intellectual capability, extensive data and knowledge archives, access to a large pool of experts and practitioners, and the ability to create ground-up analytical and conceptual frameworks that are driven by the objectives of the client, not the convenience of the researcher.

Entry and business strategy formulation

For businesses looking to make a new entry into India – or expand on their existing presence – IMA provides research and consulting support across a wide range of areas. At a strategic level, this entails identifying a fit between the client’s goals and capabilities with the needs of the country/market it seeks to enter. At a more granular level, the need is to define specific market segments, size up their potential and future prospects, and understand the broader lay of the land, in terms of competition, distribution, supply chains and regulations. But at a decision making level, the foremost need is to understand ‘what works’, ‘what doesn’t’ and ‘what hasn’t been tried’. IMA’s expertise in helping clients build their strategy stems not merely from the ability to provide data or information, but to carry out investigative research that leads to genuine market understanding. Business decisions are ultimately made on the basis of considered opinions, and not merely data and mechanical spreadsheets.

(New) opportunity assessments

New opportunities do not always arise from the immediate market context, but often from developments in seemingly unrelated markets or segments of the economy. Leveraging its extensive knowledge of the Indian economy, markets and industry sectors, IMA India helps clients conceptualise and evaluate obvious – and not-so-obvious – market opportunities, as well as other strategic engagements (outsourcing, procurement, R&D offshoring, alliances, etc) in India. Unlike conventional ‘vertically specialised’ firms, IMA benefits from its ability to take the ‘horizontal view’ as effectively.

Market sizing and demand estimation/forecasting

As most experienced businesses know only too well, popularly published market statistics in India are often misleading. This may be due to superficial estimation methods, lack of validation, or simply hazy definitions of market and market size. Moreover, published figures often fail to differentiate between market 'potential' and market 'size', typically restricting their focus to the latter, whereas businesses have an equal or greater interest in the former. IMA India's ability to develop ground-up estimation models can help generate market estimates and forecasts that recognise 'current' and 'potential' (or untapped) market size as distinct metrics. This approach leads to the formulation of a more realistic go-to-market and investment strategy, particularly in new and evolving industry segments.

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