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FY22 Attrition Report

Learn about the key trends, drivers and challenges
and much more in our FY22 Attrition Report.

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The FY22 Attrition Benchmarking Study aims to assess trends in attrition, by function, level of management and gender across companies. The analysis is based on a survey, conducted in October 2021, of over 70 participating organisations across sectors. The report covers the following areas:
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Overall Attrition Trends: Headline Results

  • Attrition: By Company Turnover and Workforce Size
  • Attrition: By Ownership and Domain
  • Attrition: By Sector

Attrition Trends by Function, Level, Age, Experience and Gender

  • Expected attrition in FY22 by function
  • By management level
  • By Gender
  • By level of experience
  • How Much of a Challenge is Attrition at Each level?

Voluntary Attrition

  • By company turnover and workforce size
  • By ownership and listing status
  • domain and orientation

Attrition Drivers and Counter Measures

  • What is Driving Attrition?
  • What are Firms Doing to Bring Down Attrition?
  • How are they Coping with the New Reality?

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The Attrition Report aims to provide CXOs, and other decision-makers with actionable inputs on some of the qualitative issues surrounding attrition, such as the attrition drivers, the challenges firms are facing, and the mitigation techniques they are implementing.

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